Binance Learn & Earn Quiz Answers (2024) – UPDATED

Binance has just launched Learn & Earn Quiz competition providing an opportunity for its users to earn Crypto while improving their Blockchain knowledge.

Ever since the Binance Learn & Earn quiz started, a lot of people have been searching for the correct answers to earn Crypto worth $10.

Notably, Binance Learn & Earn is the fourth round of the quiz competition where users are given an opportunity to earn Crypto while learning about Defi, NFTs and Blockchain.

If a user gives correct answers to Binance Learn & Earn quiz, he or she will be given Crypto worth $10.

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Before you skip reading this post and complete the Learn & Earn quiz, let me tell you that there are multiple types of quizzes available on Binance which include — REEF, Threshold, Tezos, Immutable X, Multichain, Harmony, Qutm, Woo Network, Terra, Polkastarter, and Ankr.

Regardless of which Binance Learn & Earn quiz you take, we have answers to each quiz.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

How To Participate in Binance Learn & Earn Quiz?

Taking part in Binance Learn & Earn quiz is straightforward.

However, if you don’t know the process then follow the steps mentioned below:

  • First, visit the official website of Binance.
  • Once you are on the site, create an account on Binance if you have not already.
Binance Learn & Earn Quiz Answers
  • Once your account is created, tap on the Square icon (dropdown) as shown in the above picture.
  • From the drop-down options, select ‘Learn & Earn’.
  • There, you will see all Binance Learn & Earn Quizzes.
Binance Learn & Earn Quiz Answers
  • Select the desired one and click on the ‘Start Course’ button to start the quiz.
  • That’s it.

All Binance Learn & Earn Quiz Answers (2023)

As mentioned above, there are multiple quizzes available in Binance Learn & Earn section.

Since the answer to each quiz is different, we will provide answers to each Learn & Earn quiz separately.

Binance Reef Quiz Answers

Q1. What consensus mechanism does the Reef ecosystem use?

Answer: Nominated Proof of Stake

Q2. What does Reef stand for?

Answer: Reliable, Extensible, Efficient, Fast

Q3. How much does the average transaction cost on Reef?

Answer: $0.17

Q4. What does REEF-20 mean?

Answer: The native utility token that powers the Reef blockchain

Q5. How many types of REEF tokens exist on the market?

Answer: 3

Q6. What is Reef Finance?

Answer: A layer 1 blockchain for DeFi, NFTs, and gaming

Q7. What is Reef’s current max token supply?

Answer: There is no max supply

Q8. What are the types of REEF tokens?

Answer: All of the options

Q9. How many transactions per second (TPS) is Reef able to process?

Answer: Over 460 TPS

Binance Threshold Network (T) Quiz Answers

Q1. Proxy Re-encryption allows the sharing of encrypted data without decryption of data or the sharing of private keys. True or False?

Answer: true

Q2. tBTCv2 is a bridge between Bitcoin and __?

Answer: Ethereum

Q3. tBTCv2 is the only bridge bringing your Bitcoin to Ethereum that preserves open access and doesn’t require you to trust a third party. True or False?

Answer: true

Q4. What is NOT a feature of threshold cryptography?

Answer: Reliance on central authority (X)

Q5. Proxy re-encryption is designed to __?

Answer: Protect user data and enforce access controls

Q6. Which are the features of the Threshold Network?

Answer: All are correct

Q7. Threshold was created from the first-ever decentralized merger of the NuCypher and _ Networks?

Answer: keep

Q8. Threshold cryptography empowers users to no longer have to make a trade-off between usability and __.

Answer: Privacy

Binance Learn & Earn BUSD Quiz answers

Q1. I have noticed that….

Ans: False

Q2. The main benefit of keeping ….

Ans: False

Q3. Why KYC ?


– Its part …
– KYC improves …
– KYC Check …
– KYC proactively …

Q4. What is Cryptocurrency?

Ans: Cryptocurrency is a form of digital cash that enables ….

Binance Learn & earn XTZ Quiz answers

Q1. What is Tezos’ native coin?

Ans: tez (xtz)

Q2. How does Tezos increase security in the network?

Ans: By being deeply decentralized

Q3. What are some of the types of decentralized applications built on the Tezos blockchain?

Ans: All of the above

Q4. What are some use cases of Tezos’ native coin?

Ans: Voting rights dan Becoming a validator (pilih 2 2 nya)

Q5. Who can participate in securing the network?


– Users who delegate their Tez (XTZ) tokens to bakers
– Validators called bakers (pilih 2 2 nya)

Q6. What is the consensus mechanism model used by Tezos called?

Ans: Liquid Proof of Stake

Q7. What Is Tezos (XTZ)?

Ans: Tezos’ unique self-amending protocol prevents hard forks, dan Tezos’ code is open-source code.

Binance Learn & Earn IMX Quiz Answers

Q1. Which blockchain is the Immutable X ecosystem built for?

Ans: Ethereum

Q2. Users can trade NFTs on any of the marketplaces built on Immutable X.

Ans: True

Q3. What can token holders do with the IMX token?

Ans: Pay for fees on Immutable X, Vote for governance proposals, Stake to earn IMX rewards (pilih 3 3 nya)

Q4. Who can build on IMX?

Ans: All are correct

Q5. What can users do with the Immutable X APIs and SDKs?

Ans: All are correct

Q6. Which scaling technology does Immutable X use?

Ans: ZK-Rollups

Q7. Which statement best describes Immutable X?

Ans: A layer 2 scaling solution for NFTs on Ethereum.

Q8. Which Immutable X feature can enhance the liquidity of NFT assets?

Ans: The Immutable X global order book

Q9. What is Immutable X trying to achieve?

Ans: All are correct

Q10. Which ZK proof does Immutable X use?

Ans: STARK proof

Binance Learn & Earn MULTI Quiz Answers

Q1. What are the use cases of MULTI?

Ans: Governance and staking

Q2. How many tokens are currently supported by Multichain?

Ans: 1000+

Q3. What is the total supply of Multichain’s native token?

Ans: 100 M

Q4. What are the solutions that Multichain offers for the seamless transfer of assets?

Ans: Cross-Chain Bridges, Routers, and any call

Q5. What is the native coin of Multichain?


Q6. How is consensus reached in Multichain?

Ans: Independent nodes that own part of a private key collectively sign transactions.

Q7. Interoperability is the concept of independent blockchains being able to interact with each other.

Ans: True

Q8. What benefits do users sending assets from one network to another enjoy?

Ans: All are correct

Q9. What’s the difference between Multichain’s bridges and routers?

Ans: Bridges enable interoperability between two chains while routers enable interoperability between any chain.

Binance Learn & Earn SHIB Quiz Answers

Q1. Using BND Trading Fees grant users a discount

Ans: True

Q2. Binance Flexible Savings can not be subscribed to and redeemed

Ans: False

Q3. What is the trading fee when I use Binance Crypto to Buy

Ans: 0

Q4. What are the essential steps to get started

Ans: Select All

Q5. A Market Order is type of order to buy or sell a security at a specified price is better

Ans: False

Q6. I don’t need to complete KYC to buy Crypto

Ans: False

Binance Learn & Earn Terra (LUNA) Quiz Answers

Q1. Q1. What US dollar amount of LUNA can you convert one TerraUSD into?

Ansl $1

Q2. Terra stablecoins are overcollateralized. True or false?

Ans: False

Q3. Which of the following fiat currencies have stablecoin versions on Terra?

Ans: All of the above

Q4. Where can you stake LUNA to take part in Terra governance?

Ans: Terra Station

Q5. Q5. For its consensus mechanism, Terra uses:

Ans: Delegated Proof of Stake

Q6. Terra is based in Mongolia. True or false?

Ans: False

Q7. Anchor Protocol allows users to borrow crypto through:

Ans: Over-collateralization

Q8. You can earn ANC on Anchor Protocol by:

Ans: Staking certain LP Tokens, Staking ANC, Borrowing stablecoins

Q9. Terra was created using:

Ans: Cosmos SDK

Binance Learn & Earn WOO Quiz Answers

Q1. What share of Woo Network’s revenue contributes to the monthly buyback and burn?

Ans: 50%

Q2. what is Woo Network’s centralized exchange called?

Ans: W00 X

Q3. How much does Kronos research trade each day?.

Ans: $1 Billion+

Q4. What network did WOOFi first launch on?

Ans: BNB Chain

Q5. Who benefits from WOO Network’s services?

Ans: All of the above

Q6. WoO Network was selected as a judge in BIN Chain’s most valuable builder program? True or false?

Ans: False

Q7. Who invested in WOO network’s series A+ fundraising round in 2021?

Ans: Binance Labs

Q8. Which ecosystems are partnered with WOO DAO?

Ans: All of the above

Q9. WOO Network was designed to address high fees and fragmented liquidity across crypto networks and applications. True or false?

Ans: True

Binance Learn & Earn QTUM Quiz Answers

Q1. You can purchase QTUM on binance by:

Ans: All of the above

Q2. Holding QTUM allows you to vote on a proposal. True or false?

Ans: False

Q3. When did the QTUM mainnet launch?

Ans: September 2017

Q4. Block rewards are split betweet:

Ans: Ten Super Staker

Q5. QTUM holders can delegate their UTXOs behind Staker Stakers thrugh

Ans: Offline Staking

Q6. Qtum’s account abstraction layer is designed to:

Ans: Combine UTXO accounting with smart contract Capabilities

Q7. When delegating QTUM behind a super Staker, a user must:

Ans: Provide their wallet address to a super staker

Q8. QTUM Combines


UTXO Accounting
Smart Contract Capabilities

Binance Learn & Earn COTI Quiz Answers

Q1. Select is the network(s) in which COTI operates:

Ans: All are correct

Q2. How does COTI keep ITS transaction fees low?

Ans: All are correct

Q3. What does COTI MultiDAG enable?

Ans: The ussuance of tokens on top of the trustchain protocol

Q4. The treasure distributes reward to COTI holders based on fees collected from:

Ans: All of COTI’s product, including treasury, COTI pay bussines, Djed, and more

Q5. Which type of consensus algorithm is used on the COTI network?

Ans: PoT (proff of trust)

Q6. How can i earn rewards from the COTI ecosystem?

Ans: Deposit native COTI into the Treasury

Q7. COTI is powering Djed, which is___ first algorithmic stablecoin

Ans: Cardano’s

Q8. What is COTI?

Ans: A layer-1 blockchain Ecosystem designed for payments

Binance Learn & Earn HARMONY Quiz Answers

Q1. Why should tokens have a finite supply?

Ans: To avoid inflation and incentivize token appreciation

Q2. What consensus mechanism does harmony use?

Ans: Effective proof of stake

Q3. Which technologies does harmony implement to achieve scalability without sacrificing security?

Ans: Sharding and effective proof of stake

Q4. What is harmony yearly network reward to validators?

Ans: 441 million tokens

Q5. Which of these DAOs has been funded by Harmony?

Ans: All are correct

Q6. What’s makes up the yearly reward at harmony?

Ans: Issuance + transaction fees

Q7. Harmony has created bridges for which chains?

Ans: All are correct

Q8. How much Grant Will harmony provide to new projects through the harmony Ecosystem fund?

Ans: $300 Million

Q9. How many DAOs do Harmony aim to find in the future?

Ans: 10,000

Binance Learn & Earn Polkastarter Quiz Answers

Q1. What is Polkastarter?

Ans: Polkastarter is a decentralized crowdfunding platform and leading IDO launchpad.

Q2. Polkastarter was founded in 2020, by Daniel Stockhaus, Tiago Martins, and Miguel Leite.

Ans: True

Q3. Polkastarter aims to become multichain. Which chains does the launchpad support?

Ans: Polkastarter currently supports Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Celo, and Avalanche.

Q4. What are Polkastarter’s key features?

Ans: Fixed Swap Pools, IDO farming and Polkastarter gaming

Q5. POLS is the Polkastarter utility token. Holding or staking POLS allows users to enter IDO’s and NFT sales with higher chances of success. True or false?

Ans: True

Q6. What are the requirements to participate in an IDO on Polkastarter?

Ans: Users must hold or stake 250 POLS or more, pass KYC, and be allow listed.

Q7. How many POLS is it necessary to hold or stake to be eligible for the allowlist?

Ans: 250 POLS or more.

Q8. Besides IDOS, what other types of investment opportunities can the community find at Polkastarter?

Ans: Polkastarter Gaming & NFT Sales

That’s everything you need to know about the Binance Learn & Earn quiz answers.

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