How to Buy Wonderland (Time) Token (2024)

There are plenty of digital currencies available that players can easily buy or sell but Wonderland (Time) is not one of them.

Yes, unlike other Cryptocurrencies, buying Wonderland (Time) is a bit complicated.

To make your work easier, we have created a guide explaining the entire process of purchasing the Wonderland Time token in 2023.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

How To Buy Wonderland (Time) Token In 2024?

Unlike other Cryptocurrencies, you can’t just buy Wonderland by spending real money.

To purchase Wonderland, you will have to visit a website that supports Wonderland (TIME).

Fortunately, we have discovered a platform where anyone can buy Wonderland Token.

  • SushiSwap

Here are a few steps to buy Wonderland (Time):

To buy Wonderland Time Token, we will have to buy WMemo first. To know how to purchase it, click on the link.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to buy Wonderland Time Token from SushSwap:

1. Visit and buy Avax or any chain that supports the Avalanche C Chain network.
2. Once you have successfully purchased a Chain, withdraw Avax using the Avax C Chain network.

3. Now, open Metamask Wallet and click on the drop-down arrow located next to your Avatar.

4. From the drop-down options, select Custom RPC and then enter the following details:

  • Network Name: Avalanche Network
  • New RPC Url:
  • ChainID: 43114
  • Symbol: AVAX
  • Explorer:

5. Once you have successfully entered the above details, you will see Avax on the Metamask wallet.

6. Now, open SushiSwap and click on the Metamask and click on the Next option to connect it.

7. Once connected, click on the Swap to (est) option and then select wMEMO.

8. Once selected, put 0.1 into the Swap From Avax text field and hit the Swap button.

9. Once you have successfully confirmed the action, click on a button that says ‘Add WMemo to Metamask’ and Add Tokens.

10. When you do so, you will notice that the WMemo token has been added to Metamask.

11. To buy Wonderland Time Token, Head to Trader Joe.

12. Before you proceed, make sure you have at least 0.2 Avax in your Metamask Wallet to pay the Estimated Gas fee.

13. Once you are at Trader Joe, click on the ‘Connect to a Wallet’ button located at the top right corner of the screen.

Buy Wonderland Time Guide

14. Doing this will show you a pop-up window, there, you will have to click on Metamask.

Buy Wonderland Time Guide

15. Now, you will have to select your account and click on the Next option. In a new window, click on the Connect button.

Buy Wonderland Time Guide

16. Once connected, enter 1 into the From field (Avax) and you will see the number of Time tokens that you can purchase via 1 Avax.

17. Once you know how much Wonderland Time Token is 1 Avax, click on the Swap button and then confirm the action by clicking on Confirm Swap.

Buy Wonderland Time Guide

18. Once the confirmation is done, you will be asked to pay the Estimated Gas fee in the form of Avax.

Buy Wonderland Time Guide

19. Once paid, click on the Confirm button to complete the process.

20. You have successfully purchased the Wonderland Time Token.

That’s all you need to know about how to buy the Wonderland Time token in 2023.

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