How to Delete Kucoin Account (2024)

Want to delete your Kucoin account?

If your answer is YES then don’t worry, we have got you covered.

There is no denying that KuCoin is one of the most popular social trading platforms in the world but using it in the United States is illegal.

Since using KuCoin is not legal in the US, I advise you to delete the KuCoin account if you have any.

The reason why I am urging you to delete your KuCoin account is that the FDIC would not recover your loss if you lose money on this social trading platform.

According to a report in The Foor, United States Citizens are at risk because the government could freeze their KuCoin account at anytime as they are cracking down on unlicensed, unregulated Cryptocurrency services like KuCoin to avoid tax evasion and money laundering.

If you have an account on KuCoin and want to delete it then you will have to read this guide till the end.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Deleting KuCoin Account Guide

Unlike Ok.RU or ICQ accounts, deleting the KuCoin account is a bit complicated.

The reason why a lot of people are having trouble closing their KuCoin account is that the official website does not have any information about the same.

While finding ways to delete the KuCoin account, I watched multiple YouTube videos, read a bunch of guides and searched the same query on its official website but I did not get any information that will delete your KuCoin account for sure.

However, if you are looking for a method to delete your KuCoin account then follow the steps written below:

  • First, open your email account associated with your KuCoin account.
  • Compose a mail and enter KuCoin’s official support mail —
  • Once entered, type ‘Request To Delete My KuCoin Account’ into the Subject.
  • In the body section, make sure to provide details like your Legal Name, Date of Birth, Mobile Number, Reason and necessary documents.
  • Once done, send it.
  • If your reason is legit, your account is most likely to be deleted in a couple of days.
  • That’s it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How Can I Open My KuCoin Account?

Ans: To open an account on KuCoin, you will have to visit its official website.

Once you are on the site, click on the Sign-Up button located in the top right corner of the screen.

When you do so, you will be asked to enter your phone number and verify it.

Once verification is done, click on the Sign-Up button. That’s it.

Q2. Can US Citizens Use KuCoin?

Ans: KuCoin is being operated in more than 200 countries across the globe but it is not licensed in the U.S.

If you are a citizen of the US, I advise you to stay away from KuCoin as it is not legal there.

Q3. How Do I Deposit Money Into KuCoin?

Ans: KuCoin does allow you to buy Cryptocurrency with fiat money but it can only be done via a third-party app.

You can pay using a credit or debit card, Apple Pay and Google Play but you can’t be allowed t deposit money by bank transfer.

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