How To Fix DoorDash HTTP 500, 503 and 530 Errors (2024)

Are you getting DoorDash HTTP 500, 503 and 530 errors while ordering foods or using the DoorDash application or website?

There are plenty of users who took to social media and complained that they are having issues using services on DoorDash.

The reason why people are more worried is that not all users are greeted with a common error message.

Yes, you read that right! Some DoorDash users get error messages read ‘Unable to load data’, ‘We are currently experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again later’, ‘DoorDash HTTP 500,’ DoorDash HTTP 503 or 530′, while others get messages that read ‘Login Error’ or ‘Delivery is not available right now’.


If you are getting any of these error messages on DoorDash while using its website or application then don’t worry, we have you covered.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

What Do DoorDash HTTP 500, 503 and 530 Mean?

DoorDash error codes 500, 503 and 530 are an indication that something is happening wrong on the food delivery platform.

Notably, this does not mean that it can only happen from the DoorDash end, these errors also could occur if you have an issue with your PC/Mobile or with your internet connection.

If you are getting DoorDash HTTP 500, 503 and 540 but the food delivery platform was working nice before then you will have to troubleshoot the issue to use its features again.

Before we teach you how to fix DoorDash HTTP errors, let’s find out the reason that leads to these frustrating issues.

What Cause DoorDash Server Error 500, 503 and 530?

DoorDash HTTP Error could occur due to numerous reasons but we noticed that 500, 503 or 530 errors usually arise due to server issues, weak internet connection or having wrong network settings on PC or Mobile.

Here are all possible reasons that could lead to DoorDash HTTP error codes on your Mobile or PC:

Server Outage

Similar to other applications or websites, DoorDash is most likely to encounter hosting issues making the food delivery platform totally unreachable.

Since developers are required to put DoorDash servers down for maintenance, users are most likely to encounter server outage issues once or twice a month.

To know how to check DoorDash server-status click on the link.

If the servers of DoorDash are down, all you can do is wait until the servers are up again.

Poor Internet Connection

If you don’t have a fast and reliable internet connection, your PC or Mobile may fail to maintain a solid connection to DoorDash.

Before you follow the steps mentioned below to fix DoorDash HTTP errors, make sure to run a speed test to check your internet download and upload speed.

To run DoorDash smoothly, you need to have at least a 5Mbps internet connection.

If you have a slow internet connection then you might face issues while using the food delivery platform.

Browser Issues

DoorDash server issues can also be encountered by an issue with your browser.

If you have an outdated or corrupted cache and cookies on your browser, you are most likely to face connectivity issues.

If you use DoorDash on a browser and are having HTTP errors then refresh both Cookies and Cache.

DoorDash HTTP Error 500, 503 and 530 FIX

Before you apply any of the following methods to fix the DoorDash server issue, make sure the servers of DoorDash are up and running.

None of the below mentioned will work if servers of DoorDash are down. So, without any further ado, let’s get started:

Refresh The Page

Refreshing the DoorDash page, again and again, might be the basic solution but it is reported to have worked for many.

If the issue that you are getting on the site is happening because of a temporary bug, refreshing the page multiple times could fix it.

Clear the Browser Cache & Cookies

The second solution that can be used to fix the DoorDash HTTP error is clearing the browser Cache and Cookies.

As mentioned above, sometimes, HTTP error occurs due to outdated and corrupted cache and cookies on your browser.

Use Different Browser

If you continue to encounter HTT error codes on DoorDash, try using the website in a different browser.

Check Your Internet Connection

The last method requires you to have a solid and reliable internet connection.

If none of the above-mentioned methods fixed the issue then run a speed test and check out the download and upload speed of your internet connection.

If you are using DoorDash on Wi-fi, connect your laptop or device to the router directly using an Ethernet Cable.

That’s everything you need to know about how to fix DoorDash HTTP errors 500, 503 and 530.

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