Is Facebook Protect Legit? (2024)

Meta — previously known as Facebook — seems to be busy rolling out Facebook Protect across the world.

For the unversed, the Facebook Protect feature has already been tested in the US back in 2018.

Since a lot of Facebook users (Journalist, Human rights activists, or Government Officials) have already started getting an email urging them to enable Facebook Protect, many have doubts over its legitimacy.

The reason why tons of people are currently searching for ‘Is Facebook Protect legit?’ is the email they got looks like a textbook phishing scam.

If you too want to know whether Facebook Protect is legit or fake then look no further as we have got you covered.

From what is Facebook Protect, how to enable it to is it legit or fake, this post has you covered.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

What Is Facebook Protect?

Facebook Protect is nothing but a new feature added to provide higher security to people whose accounts are most likely to be attacked by Cybercriminals.

Before you skip reading this post enable Facebook Protect, let me tell you that this newly added feature is not for everyone.

Yes, you read that right! Facebook Protect featured is mainly created for Journalists, human rights activists, and Government officials.

If you fall into the category mentioned above and enable Facebook Protect, you will have to use two-factor authentication (2FA).

What Does Facebook Protect Do?

Facebook’s Head of Security Nathaniel Gleicher had said that people falling into the mentioned category will get an email from Facebook requesting them to enable it as soon as possible.

While explaining Facebook Protect, Gleicher was quoted as saying to The Indian Express,

“Facebook Protect enables additional automated defenses from our systems to help protect these accounts. We apply increased detection for the types of compromised efforts that human rights defenders, journalists or government officials might face. It also flags these accounts in our internal systems. So we get a report about one of them or we see repeated targeting of one of them we know there could be more at stake.”

Is It Mandatory To Enable Facebook Protect?

Yes, it is mandatory to activate Facebook Protect if you get an email from Facebook about the same.

If you get the prompt, it means your Facebook account is likely to be at the Cybercriminals’ target.

As soon as you enable Facebook Protect, you will have mandatory 2FA and sometimes you will have to go through other Security Protections as well.

If you get the prompt and an email from Facebook asking you to enable Facebook Prompt and you don’t enable it within the given deadline, your Facebook account will be locked.

Is Facebook Protect Legit?

Yes, Facebook Protect is 100% legit and safe. While launching it, Facebook had said that if they send you an email asking you to activate it and you don’t enrol it, you will be locked out of your account.

If you get the prompt from Facebook, it means your account needs an extra layer of protection.

To protect it from hackers, I advise you to enable Facebook Protect after receiving an email from the social media company.

That’s everything you need to know about Facebook Protect.

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