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Is Fly Retro legit?

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What is Fly Retro?

Fly Retro is a kind of online retailer, which claims to sell rare versions of Air Jordans, Bathing Ape Bapestas and Air Force 1.

Since a lot of people have a craze about Air Jordans, Air Force 1 and other rare sneakers, many use Fly Retro to order their favourite shoes.

Unlike other online retailers, Fly Retro has been operating since 2003. It has been only two decades since it was launched but its creators could manage to win people’s trust.

Yes, you read that right! There are plenty of Fly Retro customers who want this platform to be vanished because of its poor service and low quality or fake products.

There are plenty of review websites on the internet and you would not find a single website where people have appreciated Fly Retro for their services, which has led people to search for ‘Is Fly Retro legit or fake.’

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Is Fly Retro Legit?

No, Fly Retro is not a legit website to buy sneakers or a rare collection of shoes.

The reason why customers are calling it a fake or scam website is that it does not have any information on its website and has not responded to negative reviews on websites like Trust Pilot.

If Fly Retro was legit, they would have published information like phone number, address, return address or email on their website

Notably, if Fly Retro was legit, it must have a VAT registered, which makes people suspicious about the online retailer.

If you still have questions about the legitimacy or authenticity of Fly Retro then you can read the customer’s review on Trust Pilot and Reddit.

What Customers Have To Say About Fly Retro?

Irrespective of social media platforms or review websites, people have written hundreds of negative reviews for Fly Retro.

Despite noticing people’s anger and frustration, the creators of the website have not responded to a single review, which makes it very clear that they don’t care about their customers.

Here are a few of Fly Retro customer’s feedback:

Flyretro are a fake company. The products are fake and you’ll never get your money back when you complain. The over service is appalling. You can’t return but only to a large cost to yourself. The sizing is poor too. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM. I think they have renamed themselves too so avoid any company with the name Flyretro

A user wrote on Trust Pilot

Fly retro sell fake Jordan for the same price as genuine Jordans..don’t comprise on price what you get is what you pay for .

A user wrote on Trust Pilot

Scammers they have took my money and not received trainers now wrbsite has disappeared so lost my money

A user wrote on Trust Pilot

Brought a pair of Jordan’s they was fake. They smelt of filler that you put in holes in the wall, I sent them back to return they told me they never received the shoes even tho they was signed for, I lost out on £114 plus £25 for shipping them back. Don’t do it to yourself save up and pay the actual price.

A user wrote on Trust Pilot

Is Fly Retro Website Working?

No, Fly Retro’s official website ‘’ seems to have been deindexed by Google.

When you attempt to visit, you will be greeted with a message that says “This site can’t be reached”.


There might be a few people who have received Original shoes from Fly Retro at a lower price but I would advise you not to buy products from this platform.

The majority of users who ordered shoes at Fly Retro had no option but to regret it because they neither get the sneaker nor the money.

Instead of buying shoes from, I would suggest you buy sneakers from legit online retailers.

They may have a bit higher price than Fly Retro but they would not scam you and dupe your money.

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