Indeed Not Selected By Employer Meaning Explained (2024)

Have you ever received an email stating that ‘Not Selected’ from Indeed?

If your answer is YES then you must be wondering what does ‘Not Selected’ mean after applying for a job on Indeed.

There is no denying that Indeed is one of the most popular websites for job seekers but there are plenty of job applicants who end up getting the ‘Not Selected’ email after applying for a certain role or job.

For those unaware, Indeed Not Selected by the employer means that your application for the role you have applied for has been rejected.

In the Not Selected email, sometimes, employers mention a reason that leads to your rejection.

But if you receive an auto-generated email from Indeed then you would not be able to know the reason for which your job application has been rejected.

If you apply for a job on Indeed and you receive an email stating that ‘Not Selected’, it does not mean that you would not be able to apply again for that role.

You can apply for any job on Indeed as many times as you want.

Before you apply again on Indeed, make sure you are the perfect candidate for the role you are applying for and make some changes to your resume.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Why Does Indeed Show ‘Not Selected’ Email After Applying For A Job?

As mentioned above, a lot of people who apply for a job on Indeed receive an email that says ‘Application Status: Not Selected’.

If you are looking for a job and don’t want to receive this email right after applying for a job on Indeed then don’t worry, we have got you covered.

Here are some reasons that could lead to the ‘Not Selected’ email on Indeed:

  • Your salary requirement does not match the employer’s budget.
  • The deadline for job application has expired.
  • You don’t meet the employer’s educational and experience level requirements.
  • You don’t have all the necessary documents.
  • You are not eligible to work in the respective country.
  • You may have entered the wrong information in the Job application.
  • You live too far away from the job location.

Does Indeed Automatically Reject Job Applications?

Yes, sometimes Indeed automatically reject job applications.

Unlike other job searching websites, Indeed is without a doubt one of the most trusted sites.

Whenever a recruiter posts a job listing on Indeed, they receive dozens or hundreds of job applications.

Once they have got enough applications, they set a timer (7-days, 10-days or a month) and go through as many applications as they can.

Based on their requirements, they send Not Selected, Hired or In Contact emails to job applicants.

If the recruiter has not checked your applications within the set timer, Indeed will automatically reject your application for that role.

Before rejecting your application, Indeed send a reminder to the recruiters asking them whether they want to increase their timer or they are not interested in more applications.

Does Anyone Get a Job From Indeed?

According to a study conducted by Silk Road, If 100 applicants apply for a job on Indeed, 35 of them are asked for Job interviews and 24 applicants end up getting a job.

If you really want to get a job via Indeed, the study conducted by Silk Road suggests that you should apply for a specific role through current employee referrals.

The reason why the study suggests approaching people who have been working and had previously worked in companies where you are applying for a job is that 19% of job interviews are given to candidates with an employee recommendation.

Notably, the percentage of people getting hired through employee recommendation is 28.

According to the study conducted by Future workspace, 71% of HR recruiters think that the candidates who come from employee recommendations are the most desirable ones.

What To Do If You Are “Not Selected” For A Job?

If you apply for a job on Indeed and your application is rejected for whatever reason, you should politely ask the employees to consider your application for future job opportunities.

Instead of abusing companies or their recruitment method, If you politely thank them for going through your resume, it will differentiate you from others.

Once you had a conversation with the employer, you can also ask for a reason that led to your rejection.

Once you get to know the reason that led to your rejection, you can use that information to increase the chances of getting hired for future job opportunities.

That’s it.

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