What Does ‘Instagram User’ Mean On Instagram (2024)?

Do you know what does ‘Instagram User’ tag means on Instagram?

If you have been using Instagram for months or years then you must have noticed profiles in your DM saying ‘Instagram User’ instead of their real username.

If you have not noticed this on Instagram, head to your DM section and scroll down.

If you use Instagram to have a chat with your friends or random people online, you must have at least one profile that says ‘Instagram User’.

A lot of Instagram users have recently been searching for the meaning of ‘Instagram User’ and if that’s you then look no further as we have got you covered.

This post will not only explain the meaning of it but also reveal all possible reasons why you see ‘Instagram User’ instead of their actual name on Instagram.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Why Do I See ‘Instagram User’ Instead of Username In 2024?

Since I am an avid Instagram user, I often use it to chat with friends online.

When I saw ‘Instagram User’ in my DM for the first time, I thought the person with whom I had a chat recently blocked me on Instagram.

Instagram User Meaning

When I checked his profile, I was shocked because his profile was showing completely blank.

Before I explain multiple reasons why you see ‘Instagram User’ instead of your real name on Instagram, let me tell you that you don’t see this because you have been blocked by the user.

When I contacted the person whose DM was showing me ‘Instagram User’ on Instagram, I got to know that he has not blocked me.

When I informed him about the same, he told me that I am seeing ‘Instagram User’ instead of his real name because he has deleted his Instagram account permanently.

Yes, if a user deletes his or her Instagram account, Instagram shows their profile as ‘Instagram User’ on ‘Instagrammer’.

Apart from this reason, you may also see ‘Instagram User’ on Instagram for other reasons as well.

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Here are all possible reasons why you see ‘Instagram User’ on Instagram:

The User Has Deleted Their Instagram Account

As mentioned above, the primary reason Instagram shows ‘Instagram User’ on the user’s profile is the user has deleted their account permanently.

Instagram User Meaning

If you had a chat with someone on Instagram and he or she deletes their account, when you go to their DM or visit their profile, you will ‘Instagram User’ or Instagrammer’ instead of their username.

The reason why people are more curious to know the meaning of ‘Instagram User’ is it shows you older chats and allows you to send messages as usual.

The User Has Temporarily Deactivated Their Account

Apart from deleting their IG account, if someone deactivates their account temporarily, you will see an ‘Instagram User’ tag on their profile.

There are plenty of people who often take a break from social media platforms and for that period of time, they disable their social media accounts.

If you too are planning to take a break from Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, deactivating your accounts temporarily is the best option.

The great thing about this feature is you can reactivate your Instagram or other social media accounts whenever you want.

Instagram Has Banned Their Account

Similar to other social media platforms, Instagram does have its own terms and conditions.

If someone violates its policies, Instagram bans or suspends their IG account temporarily or permanently.

If Instagram has banned someone’s account and you visit their profile or DM, you will see the ‘Instagram User’ tag rather than their actual name.


Whenever you see ‘Instagram User’ on Instagram DM, it means that person whose profile is showing the ‘Instagram User’ tag has either deleted/deactivated their Instagram account or has been banned by Instagram.

Yes, this tag is nothing to do with being blocked by someone on Instagram.

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