Fix Insufficient Output Amount on PancakeSwap Error (February 2024)

Are you having an “Insufficient Output Amount” error on PancakeSwap?

If YES then don’t worry, you are not the only person who is getting this error right now. 

There are plenty of errors that PancakeSwap users often face but the one that has left everyone scratching their heads reads  “The transaction cannot succeed due to error: PancakeRouter: INSUFFICIENT_OUTPUT_AMOUNT”.

Insufficient Output Amount Error Fix

For those unaware, the ‘Insufficient Output Amount’ error on PancakeSwap occurs only when your liquidity or slipping tolerance is quite low. 

There are plenty of PancakeSwap users who reported that they encountered an ‘Insufficient Output Amount’ error while swapping a token, which prevents them from swapping a token on PancakeSwap. 

If you too are getting an “Insufficient Output Amount” error on PancakeSwap and looking for its possible solution then look no further as we have a couple of ways that could resolve this issue right now. 

To know what these solutions are and how they work, keep reading this post. 

What causes the “Insufficient Output Amount” error on PancakeSwap?

As mentioned above, the “Insufficient Output Amount” error on PancakeSwap occurs when slipper tolerance is extremely low.

Whenever this error occurs, users are restricted to place an order because of high price movement. 

For the unversed, Slipper tolerance lets you set the maximum per cent of price movement you take. 

Example: If your slippage tolerance is 3%, you would not be able to execute an order if the price movement is higher than 3%

Notably, the default slippage tolerance on PancakeSwap is 0.8%

While responding to the “Insufficient Output Amount” error, PancakeSwap had earlier stated that this error is happening because of a token that users are swapping.

While researching for this error, we discovered that this error is occuring due to the slippage tolerance. 

Regardless of what causes the “Insufficient Output Amount” error on PancakeSwap, you can easily fix it by simply following a few simple steps: 

“Insufficient Output Amount” Error on PancakeSwap Fix

To fix “Insufficient Output Amount” on PancakeSwap in 2023, make sure your slippage tolerance is 12%. 

Once you have successfully increased your slippage tolerance to 12%, you would not have any issue swapping tokens on PancakeSwap. 

Notably, the value of Slippage tolerance that we have mentioned is a benchmark.

So, whenever you encounter an “Insufficient Output Amount” error on PancakSwap, I highly recommend increasing slippage tolerance by 1% at a time. 

For example: Whenever you get an “Insufficient Output Amount” error on PancakeSwap, increase your slippage tolerance by 1%.

If the issue is not resolved in the first attempt, you will have to repeat the process until you are allowed to swap your tokens. 

Once you have successfully fixed the “Insufficient Output Amount” error on PancakeSwap, you will be able to swap your tokens. 

Do you know to increase slippage tolerance on PancakeSwap? If not then follow the steps written below:

  • First, launch PencakeSwap on your device. 
  • Once launched, select the desired token to swap on the exchange. (1)
  • Select the desired token to swap. (2)
  • Select the token that you want to swap to. (3)
Insufficient Output Amount Error Fix
  • Once selected, tap on the Settings icon located next to the Exchange header. 
  • In the Settings window, you will see three headers — Slippage tolerance, Transaction deadline, and Audio.
  • You will have to tap on the ‘Slippage tolerance’. 
  • When you do so, you will see multiple options — “0.1%”, “0.5%”, and “1%”.
  • The default Slippage tolerance is 0.8%, which sometimes causes an “Insufficient Output Amount” error on PancakeSwap.
Insufficient Output Amount Error Fix
  • To fix this error, you will have to set the slippage tolerance to 12%. 
  • When you are done doing these settings, you will get an error that says “Your transaction may be frontrun” error.
  • Close the error window and try swapping the tokens. 
  • Now, you would not have any issue while swapping tokens on PancakeSwap. 
  • That’s it. 

What is PancakeSwap?

Similar to Uniswap, PancakeSwap is a known decentralized exchange allowing users to exchange tokens.

The only difference between PancakeSwap and Uniswap is that the latter runs on Binance smart chain network. 

The reason why PancakeSwap has become quite popular over the years is that it lets users carry out instant transactions without using any third-party tools.

There are tons of users who want to know the developers of PancakeSwap but their identity is yet to be made public. 

To use PancakeSwap, you will need a Wallet because it does not accept the flat currency.

The wallets that you can use are — Trust wallet, Binance Chain Wallet, and Metamask.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What does Insufficient Output Amount mean? 

2. How do I fix the Insufficient Output Amount error on PancakeSwap? 

Ans: To fix the “Insufficient Output Amount” on PancakeSwap, you will have to increase the slippage tolerance to 12%. 

3. How do I fix insufficient liquidity on PancakeSwap? 

That’s everything you need to know about how to fix the “Insufficient Output Amount” Error on PancakeSwap in 2023.

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