Top 5 OnlyFans Search Tools To Use Now (February 2024)

Wondering how to find your favourite celeb on OnlyFans? Well, we have written an ultimate guide explaining how to find anyone on OnlyFans using its search feature.

Since OnlyFans does not have a search feature allowing users to find their people by using their username or link, tons of OnlyFans users have been struggling to find their friends, favourite celebrities and others.  

To find someone on OnlyFans, you need to have a third-party tool.

Apart from using third-party tools, you can also use social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook because people who have accounts on OnlyFans usually promote their links on social media platforms.  

Since this post is all about OnlyFans search tools, we will be talking about 5 third-party tools that you can use to find anyone on OnlyFans.  

Without any further ado, let’s get started:  

Best OnlyFans Search Tools To Find OnlyFans Profiles (2024)

Here are some OnlyFans search tools that you can use right now:

1. FansMetrics

FansMetrics is one of the best tools to find someone on OnlyFans. According to reports, this tool has more than 20 million accounts in its database and they update their data every hour.  

The best thing about this OnlyFans search tool is it lets you search for OnlyFans accounts by category, location, gender and more.  

To find an OnlyFans account near your location, you will have to enable your GPS. After enabling your GPS location, click on the ‘Find OnlyFans account near your location’, which can be found on the homepage of the site.  

When you do so,  the tool will show you a list of OnlyFans accounts near you.  

2. OnlyFinder

The second tool that I recommend you use for searching for people on OnlyFans is OnlyFinder.

What makes this tool massively popular among OnlyFans users is it has a UI like Google and multiple search operators to choose from.  

If you have not used this OnlyFans search tool yet, you must know how the tool works. If you want to search for man OnlyFans accounts, you need to use “man” or “gender:male”.  

If you want OnlyFinder to show only new profiles then use the “new” operator. If you want to filter the OnlyFans account by age, you need to use “age:18”, “age:18-25” or “age:>30”.  

To find the OnlyFans account by location, you have to use the “location:Spain” or “location:new york” search operation.  

3. OnlySearch  

OnlySearch is without a doubt one of the best platforms to find OnlyFans creators. What makes OnlySearch different from other OnlyFans search tools is it lets users find people by using key phrases.  

Yes, you can find OnlyFans creators by using key phrases that they use in their bio and profile pictures.  

When you search for a key phrase on OnlySearch, you will be shown all OnlyFans accounts that contain your keyphrase. All results appearing on the screen link directly to their OnlyFans accounts.  

If you have not used OnlySearch yet, I would suggest you try this tool to find people on OnlyFans.  

4. Reddit  

Reddit is one of the most popular platforms for OnlyFans creators. The majority OnlyFans creators use Reddit to promote their photos and videos.  

The reason why they prefer Reddit over other social media platforms is Reddit allows users to post NSFW content on its platform as long as they are tagged with ‘NSFW’.  

To search OnlyFans accounts on Reddit, you simply need to type ‘OnlyFans’ into the search bar and hit the Enter button.  

When you do so, you will be shown numerous OnlyFans communities like “OnlyFans101″ and “OnlyFansAmateurs” and others.  

These are just examples, there are tons of NSFW communities on Reddit that you can join right now.  

5. TiKTok  

You might not know but TikTok is an amazing platform to search OnlyFans accounts.  

After Reddit, the platform that OnlyFans creators use to promote their content is TikTok.  

Unlike Reddit, TikTok does have plenty of restrictions. For the unversed, TikTok does not allow you to use #Onlyfans hashtag and include the OnlyFans link in your Bio.  

If you include your OnlyFans profile link in your TikTok bio, you will get an error that says ‘Link not allowed’.  

To bypass TikTok’s restriction, the majority of OnlyFans creators use a Linktree link in their bio.  

For those unaware, Linktree is a tool where you can add all social media platform’s links on one page.  

To search for OnlyFans account on TikTok, you need to search for the ‘accountoftiktok’ and ‘onlyfansgirl’ hashtags.  

These are some OnlyFans search tools that you can use to find someone on OnlyFans instantly.  

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