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The Instagram trend ‘Plant A Tree’ which took off way back in 2020 seems to have got people’s attention again.

Ever since Russia attacked Ukraine, a lot of people have been searching for platforms to make donations to help Ukrainian.

Since Internet has a plethora of fake donation sites or apps, users across the world have to struggle to find legit platforms like United Help Ukraine.

While searching for legit sites, a lot of users came across a site called Plant A Tree Co, which claims to be a charitable organization but actually sells low-quality products at higher prices.

Since a lot of people are aware of the Plant A Tree trend they started searching for Is Plant A Tree Co Legit platform to donate to Ukrainian.

Before we tell you whether Plant A Tree Co is a legit or scam, let’s find out what is it and when did it become famous?

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

What Is Plant A Tree Co?

Plant A Tree Co is a Florida based company that started the trend ‘Plant A Tree’ on Instagram in 2020, promising their Instagram followers to plant a tree every time a picture of their pet is posted using their trend.

In a period of a few days, more than 4 million pictures were posted on Instagram using the ‘Plant A Tree’ trend, making it impossible for the company to plant that number of plants without taking people’s help.

The Instagram handle of Plant A Tree Co currently has over 1 million followers and has raised more than $1,400,000 for different charities.

 According to The Daily Dot, the Florida based company has been accused of being a scam for years. There are multiple Instagram users who have constantly been threatening to expose the group on multiple occasions.

Is Plant A Tree Co Legit?

No, Plant A Tree Co is not a legit platform to help Ukraine.

Earlier, Plant A Tree Co had a website of the same name where they used to sell low clothes ranging from $5 to $30 but the website is no longer available.

If you click on a link given in Plant A Tree Co Instagram bio, it will take you to the donation page, which claims that they have planted 6500 trees as of now.

Is Plant a Tree Co Legit

Notably, the number of trees that ‘Plant A Tree Co’ has planted is still the same that they mentioned in November 2021.

What makes people suspicious about Plant A Tree Co is they have not put any information about the location and date of planted trees.

If you want to make donations to Ukraine’s affected people, I advise you not to use Plant A Tree Co to do so.

There are multiple legit platforms that can be used to make donations to Ukrainians and if you don’t know what these platforms are then check out the following list.

  • Army SOS
  • United Help Ukraine
  • Red Cross
  • Revived Soldiers Ukraine

That’s everything you need to know about Plant A Tree Co.

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