QKids Requirements (2024)

Want to apply for QKids but don’t know its requirements?

Well, we have a detailed guide explaining everything about this online teaching platform.

There are plenty of people across the world who aspire to become a teacher but not all of them are fortunate enough to become one.

If you too wanted to become a teacher but could not because of some reason then QKids is a platform to make your dream come true.

Irrespective of whether you love teaching students or want to make money online, QKids is the best place to be.

Unlike other teaching platforms, the requirements of QKids is a bit tough.

To know QKids’ requirements and how this teaching platform works, you will have to read this post till the end.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

What is QKids?

QKids is arguably one of the best online education platforms, which mainly focuses on teaching students from ages 4 to 12 years old, using interactive games and funny stories.

There are plenty of teachers belonging to the United States and Canada who have been teaching little students through a fun and organized curriculum experience.

What makes QKids massively popular in the US and Canada is that it teaches students from ages 4 to 12 years old remotely.

QKids Teacher Requirements (2024)

If you want to join QKids as a teacher and earn money then you will have to meet the following requirements.

  • Eligible to legally work in the U.S. or Canada
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • A teaching license or English teaching certificate (TESOL, TEFL, CELTA, ESL) is required before lessons assigned
  • A computer with a webcam
  • A headset with a microphone
  • Stable Internet connection (cable connection recommended)
  • A Screenshot of Computer SPECS
  • 1~2 minute introduction video: Introduce yourself, where you live, your educational background, and any experience teaching or working with kids. Then tell or read a children’s story.

These are some of the requirements that you will have to fulfil if you want to become a QKids teacher.

How Do I Become A Teacher On QKids?

To become a QKids teacher in 2022, you will have to apply to Qkids online.

Before you skip reading this post and apply right away, make sure you meet the following basic and technical requirements of QKids.

QKids Basic & Education Requirements

Eligible To Work In US and Canada

QKids might be an online education platform where they teach students from 4 to 12-year-old but you need to be either in the US or Canada to teach QKids students.

The reason why QKids is limited to only American and Canadian teachers is that their servers don’t work smoothly outside of the US, Canada and China.

So, if you don’t live in the US and Canada and aspire to become a teacher then it would be better if you apply for another online education platform like ESL.

Yes, ESL companies don’t have any issue with the teacher’s location.

Bachelor Degree

Having a Bachelor’s degree is mandatory to become a QKids teacher.

Regardless of how better English you speak but if you don’t have a Bachelor’s Degree, you can’t be a QKids teacher.

While applying at QKids for a teaching position, you are required to upload the certificate of your Bachelor’s Degree.

Teaching Certificate

Not only QKids but the majority of English teaching companies demand a Teaching Certificate as well.

To teach QKids students, teachers must have any of the following certificates:

  • TEFL
  • ESL

QKids Technical Requirements

Once you have successfully met the above-mentioned requirements, you will need to meet the following technical requirements:

  • A computer with a webcam
  • A headset with a microphone
  • Stable Internet connection (cable connection reccommended)

Apart from fulfilling the above-mentioned requirements, you need to have a computer with the following specifications:

Before you start teaching QKids students, you will have to upload a picture of your computer with Specs:

Here are the QKids system requirements:

  • CPU: dual-core 2.0GHz or above
  • CPU Model: i5/i7 series (for laptops)
  • Memory: 2Gb or above 

1-2 Minute Introduction Video

Lastly, you will have to create one or two minutes of a video wherein you will need to introduce yourself.

The video must have information like your name, location, educational qualification and experiences teaching or working with kids.

These are all requirements that need to be met for becoming a Qkids teacher.

If you fulfil the mentioned requirements, click on this link to apply.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is it hard to get hired by Qkids?

Ans: Yes, as compared to other online education platforms, it is a bit difficult to fulfil the requirements of QKids.

If you fulfil the requirements mentioned on their official website, you can join QKids and teach students from ages 4 to 12-year old.

Q2. Does QKids hire anyone?

Q3. Can you work for Qkids without a degree?

Q4. How much can I make with Qkids?

Q5. How long is QKids’ contract?

Q6. QKids vs VIPKids: Which one is better?

Q7. Where is QKids located?

That’s all you need to know about QKids requirements.

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