15 Best Sites To Sell Study Notes For Cash! (February 2024)

If you are a student who is having a hard time finding a part-time job due to your busy schedule then don’t worry, I have got you a side hustle.

The side hustle that I am going to walk you through is not a common one.

Yes, a lot of students don’t know about this and I wish I knew about this when I was in college because I was giving my notes to my juniors for free.

If I had known about this side hustle, I would have made a lot of money by selling my study notes online.

If you are a struggling student and having a hard time managing your studies and a part-time job together, you can make enough money by selling your college notes online.

Irrespective of whether you want to sell college notes for a class you are currently in or a previous year, there are plenty of note-selling websites out there that are interested in buying your study notes if you really are a great note-taker.

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Now, you must be wondering where to sell my college or study notes online.

To make your work easier, we have compiled a list of 15 websites where students can sell study notes online for cash/money.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Best Websites To Sell Study/College Notes For Cash (2024)

Before I provide a list of websites to sell study notes/documents for money, let me tell you that it can’t make you a millionaire but it will help you make some extra money.

Once you have your study notes ready, it is time to find websites that allow you to sell your study materials at a better price.

To make your work easier, we have compiled a list of sites where you can sell your study notes/documents for cash.

Here’s a list of sites to sell study notes for money:

1. Course Hero

Sell Study Notes Sites

Course Hero is arguably one of the best online learning platforms in the United States.

There are tons of study materials available on Course Hero that can be accessed by students.

To access study resources on Course Hero, you will have to either upload your study documents for free or buy their monthly or annual subscription.

Apart from providing tons of study resources, Course Hero does have 24/7 Homework Help, where expert tutors clear your doubts regarding the topic you are studying.

Unlike other study note-selling sites, you can’t simply earn money by uploading your study resources.

To make money on Course Hero, you will have to try its tutoring program, which could earn you around $500 per month.

Before you apply for its tutoring program, let me tell you that it will take a lot of your time.

Why apply for its tutoring program when you can easily make money by simply uploading your study notes to other websites.

2. Stuvia

Sell Study Notes Sites

Stuvia is one of the most popular and trusted websites to sell study/college notes online.

What makes Stuvia quite popular among students is it lets you upload any kind of notes such as textbook summaries, course notes, essays, papers and more.

While uploading documents on Stuvia, make sure to select whether the documents you are uploading are for high school, college/university or exam, qualification, or training purposes.

Once selected, you will have to describe your course briefly.

Once done, you are all set to publish your study notes on Stuvia and make money.

Notably, the amount of money you can earn by selling a single document on Stuvia is around $8.90.

Before you hit the Publish button on Stuvia, make sure your study material is useful for others because if it is not then you will end up damaging your reputation on this study notes selling site.

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3. Nexus Notes

Sell Study Notes Sites

Nexus Notes is one of the best platforms to sell study notes online.

Unlike other websites, you can’t just upload your study resources and start making money on Nexus Notes.

Once you have successfully uploaded your study documents, the expert team will go through your materials for precision and quality.

Once your study notes pass the quality test, they will make your study material available on their website.

Similar to Course Hero, you can access study resources on Nexus Notes either by buying its subscription or uploading your study notes for free.

Notably, the amount of money you need to spend to access a study resource on Nexus Notes is $35.

If a user buys your study materials on Nexus Notes, you will be paid 50% of the sale.

4. OneClass

Sell Study Notes Sites

OneClass is one of the highest-paying college note selling websites.

Unlike other websites that buy study notes, OneClass is a platform where you have to submit an application telling them which class you would like to take notes for.

Once submitted, you are required to submit a sample of your notes and wait for the approval.

Once approved, you can start uploading your study notes weekly and earn money.

The reason why every student wants to be a note-taker on OneClass is it pays a whopping $470 per course.

Apart from earning a decent amount of money by uploading study notes on OneClass, you also get a reference letter than can be attached to your resume while applying for jobs.

If you know someone who has excellent note-taking skills, you can refer him or her and earn up to 50 Credits on OneClass.

5. NoteSale

Sell Study Notes Sites

NoteSale is one of the most popular platforms in the United Kingdom to sell and buy college notes online.

Unlike other study notes websites, you simply need to create an account on NoteSale and upload your study documents.

Once uploaded, NoteSale will do the rest of the work and you will get paid when your notes are sold.

The best thing about this website is it asks you to enter your own price for the documents you are uploading on NoteSale.

Since the price is selected by the seller, there is no fixed or average amount a person can earn by selling college notes on NoteSale.

If you are new to a side hustle and want to make a lot of money using your note-taking skills, I advise you to put low prices first and see how people are responding to your notes.

Once you start seeing traction on NoteSale, you can increase the amount for your study notes.

6. Notesgen

Sell Study Notes Sites

NotesGen is one of the best platforms for both students and teachers across the globe.

Apart from selling your study/college notes on NoteGen, you can find all sorts of academic content from school syllabuses, curriculums, coaching materials, and peer notes, along with expert, premium and free learning content.

If you have doubts about a particular topic or subject, you can reach out to your peers and experts via NotesGen.

The reason why every student love this website the most is it gives a 60% commission on the sale and transfers money to their account on a weekly basis.

The interface of this website is simple yet user-friendly. Regardless of which notes you are looking for, NoteGens has got you covered.

To make your work easier, this notes-selling website has a feature allowing its users to filter study materials by classes, document types, and exam types.

7. StudySoup

Sell Study Notes Sites

Similar to OneClass, you will need to apply to be a note-taker on StudySoup.

All you need to do is get access to an online course and make study notes, providing details of each topic a course contains.

Once you have successfully created study notes of a course, you can upload the same on StudySoup and earn up to $500.

Before you start making money, the expert team of StudySoup will take a look at your study material and approve it.

You will only start making money on StudySoup when your study material is approved by their expert team.

So, before you upload your study notes on this website, make sure the information you have highlighted is useful for your peers.

If you don’t know how to get started with StudySoup, you can watch the following YouTube video, wherein a student belonging to Michigan State University explains how she made around $400 from uploading one study note to the site.

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8. GradeBuddy

Sell Study Notes Sites

GradeBuddy is yet another website where you can sell lecture notes and study guides for cash.

Unlike other notes selling websites, GradeBuddy offers two ways to make money online.

The first method needs you to upload your college notes for free and get paid when someone purchases your notes.

The second method requires you to apply to be a note-taker on GradeBuddy and make a note on the entire course and sell it for $500.

Once you become a note-taker on GradeBuddy, you will have to upload your study notes every week.

If you have awesome note-taking skills, you can cover multiple courses and earn over $1000 in a week by using this side hustle.

9. NoteXchange

Sell Study Notes Sites

NoteXchange is one of the best sites to sell college notes, flashcards, and study guides for money.

Unlike other note-selling sites, NoteXchange is 100% free and lets you select the price of your notice.

If you love making lecture notes and want to help others by making them available for free, you can upload your college notes and make them free.

Unlike the above-mentioned sites, NoteXchange would not take any commission on your sale.

Yes, you read that right! If someone purchases your notes via NoteXchange, you will get paid the full amount.

Once you have earned enough commissions, NoteXchange will transfer your money to your Bank account by the end of the month.

10. StudyPool

Sell Study Notes Sites

Do you want to make tons of dollars by selling notes online?

If your answer is YES then upload your study notes docs on StudyPool.

Once you have successfully uploaded your college notes on StudyPool, they will share the same file with million of students belonging to various parts of the world.

You get up to $10 every time students access your docs on StudyPool.

As per its official statement, a student can earn up to $5000 by selling study notes, exam prep material, homework and textbook summaries on StudyPool.

The best thing about this not notes for cash website is it accepts docs of all languages.

Here are some of the topics that students are more interested on StudyPool:

  • Accounting
  • Algebra
  • Biology
  • Business
  • Computer Science
  • Economics
  • Excel
  • Science
  • Marketing
  • Political Science

If you think you are an expert in any of these topics and can teach students online, you can become a tutor on StudyPool and earn a decent amount of money.

While researching this website, I came across multiple students who claimed to have earned thousands of dollars in a month by selling notes on StudyPool.

If you have note-taking skills and can make over $1000 by selling lecture notes on this website then what are you waiting for?

All you need to do is create an account on StudyPool, and upload your study notes.

Once uploaded, they will review your notes and approve your docs.

Once approved, you will start making money.

11. Oxbridge Notes

Sell Study Notes Sites

Oxbridge Notes is one of the best stores to sell study notes in the UK, US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland and other parts of the world.

Once you have successfully filled out the Oxbridge Notes Form, you will receive an invitation asking you to join as a Seller.

Once you become a seller on Oxbridge Notes, you will be asked to upload study notes, essay plans, sample answers and Mind Maps.

According to its official website, sellers on Oxbridge Notes, last year, reportedly made £250 on average.

The amount of money you can earn by selling study/college notes on this website depends on the demand for your subject and how much students like your notes.

What makes Oxbridge Notes popular among notes seller in the United Kingdom is it gives 72% commissions for the net sales and transfers money via PayPal.

12. Docmerit

Sell Study Notes Sites

Docmerit is yet another website where you can buy and sell study notes.

The aim of launching this website is to empower students across the world by providing the best study materials.

It has been only a couple of years since Docmerit was launched but it is being used by tons of users to access quality study notes or documents.

If you are good at creating notices, you should try selling your study or college notes on Docmerit.

What makes Docmerit instant popular among students and notes seller is it has a very simple process.

To sell study notes on Docmerit, you simply need to visit its official website and create an account, which is 100% free.

Once your account is created, upload your study material and set your price.

Whenever students purchase your study materials, the money will be deposited into your bank account.

Notably, you will get 85% per sale on Docmerit as they keep 15% as a commission.

13. Student VIP

Sell Study Notes Sites

If you are studying in Australia and want to make some extra money by selling your study notes, I advise you to visit Student VIP.

Yes, it is regarded as one of the best notes selling websites in Australia.

Irrespective of whether you want to sell or buy notes, Student VIP is a website that would not disappoint you.

Besides selling study notes, Student VIP allows users to upload and sell a business, health, creative and other notes as well.

If you love making notes and have enough materials to sell, you simply need to visit its official site and upload them.

The reason why people trust Student VIP the most is it takes a look at each upload individually before making notes available for its tons of users.

While uploading your notes on this website, you can set prices between $14 to $99.

If a user purchases your notes via Student VIP, you will get 70% per sale as the website takes a 30% commission.

14. Notesmate

Sell Study Notes Sites

Notesmate is an amazing platform to make money selling study notes online.

Unlike the above-mentioned platforms, you will have to use Notesmate’s official application to earn money.

The best thing about its application is it has a very simple and engaging interface, making it a lot easier to upload and sell study material online.

To get started with Notesmate, you simply need to download its application from Google Play Store and Apple App Store and create an account.

Once your account is created, upload the study material that you want to sell.

Once uploaded, the quality checkers will check your material’s quality and give a rating, which increases the chances of your material being sold.

Apart from selling study notes on Notesmate, you can run giveaways on it.

15. Omega Notes

Sell Study Notes Sites

Omega Notes is one of the best platforms to get quality study materials.

There are tons of people who have already uploaded their college materials on Omega Notes, which you can purchase at a cheaper price.

Unlike the above-mentioned study material selling sites, the interface of Omega Notes is a bit different.

What makes this website massively popular among Students is it connects with those that can provide help.

These are some websites where you can sell your study notes or used books for cash.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Where can I sell my study notes online?

Ans: There are plenty of websites or platforms available on the internet where you can sell your college/study notes online.

If you are having a hard time selecting the best websites to sell study notes then check out the following list.

  • Course Hero
  • StudyPool
  • NoteSale
  • Oxbridge Notes
  • NoteXchange
  • GradeBuddy
  • StudySoup

Q2. Is it legal to sell study guides?

Ans: Yes, it is 100% legal to sell your college notes or study materials online for money.

However, before you sell your study notes on any of these sites, make sure to read your college or university’s policies to see if they mention selling notes.

Q3. How can I make money by selling study notes?

Ans: Making money by selling study notes is pretty simple. However, if you don’t know the procedure then follow the steps written below:

  • First, visit any of the websites mentioned above.
  • Once you are on the site, create an account.
  • Once created, upload your study materials or study notes
  • Once uploaded, wait for their approval.
  • Once approved, you will have to wait for students to view your notes.
  • When students view or purchase your notes on the website, they will give you certain commissions on the sale.
  • That’s it.

Q4. How much should I sell my note for?

Ans: The amount of money you should sell your study notes for varies based on your notes and websites.

If you are new to this side hustle and planning to sell your first notes then I advise you to put a price of $10.

Depending on the demand for your study notes, you can increase the price later.

Q5. Is it illegal to buy notes online?

Ans: No, buying study notes online is not illegal.

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