How to Buy Shiba Inu Coins On Trust Wallet (2024)

Do you want to buy Shiba Inu coins on Trust Wallet?

If your answer is YES then look no further as we have you covered.

This post will not explain what Shiba Inu coins are but also explain how you can buy and sell them on Trust Wallet in 2023.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

About Shiba Inu Coins

Shiba Inu (SHIB) is one of the most talked-about tokens launched in 2021.

Unlike other Cryptocurrencies, Shiba Inu became an instant hit when it was made available on Binance.

It has been almost a year since it was launched but the craze about Shiba Inu does not seem to fade.

For the uninformed, Shiba Inu is a meme Crypto coin named after a dog breed.

This coin was released to replace the popular Dogecoin and that’s the reason why its official website describes it as Dogecoin Killer.

How to Buy Shiba Inu Coins In Trust Wallet?

Similar to other coins, Shiba Inu is available on popular Cryptocurrency exchange platforms like Binance, Coinbase, and Uniswap (V2) through Trust Wallet.

To buy Shiba Inu coins on Trust Wallet, you will have to install Trust Wallet first and then buy or send ETH to Trust Wallet.

Once you have successfully transferred ETH to Trust Wallet, you will have to swap it for SHIB.

The process of buying Shiba Inu on a Trust Wallet is pretty simple.

However, if you don’t know the procedure then follow the steps written below:

Here’s how to purchase Shiba Inu on Trust Wallet:

First, download and install Trust Wallet if you have not already.

Once done, select the ‘Create a New Wallet’ option and accept its terms and conditions.

Now, save the 12-word recovery phrase in some safe place and then tap on the Next option.

When you do so, you will be asked to enter your recovery phase.

Once entered correctly, you will have your Trust Wallet account created.

Once you have successfully created your Trust Wallet account, enable the DApp browser.

If you don’t know how to enable the DApp browser on Trust Wallet, click on the link. You can enable it by heading to Settings >> Preferences >> DApp Browser >> Enable.

Buy Shiba Inu Coin On Trust Wallet

Once enabled, go to the home screen of Trust Wallet and click on the ‘Buy’ button.

There, you will have to type and select Ethereum (ETH) and purchase it.

If you already have Ethereum on another wallet, you can transfer Ethereum from that wallet to Trust Wallet by clicking on the Recieve option.


Once you purchased or transferred Ethereum, click on the DApp browser icon located at the bottom of the screen.

Buy Shiba Inu Coin On Trust Wallet

In a new window, you will have to select Uniswap Exchange.

Once you are on the Uniswap Exchange, select Swap and enter the amount of ETH you want to exchange for SHIB.

Buy Shiba Inu Coin On Trust Wallet

In the second field, you will have to select a token that you want to swap to (SHIB).

Once selected, click on the Swap button.

Before you click on it, make sure to check the network fee that you will be charged for the transaction.

If you are having an issue completing the transaction, make sure to set Slippage Intolerance to 12%.

When you click on the Swap button, you will be shown the Liquidity Provider Fee, Price Impact, and Minimum Received.

If everything is correct, click on the Confirm Swap button.

When you do so, a new window will appear on the screen showing information like Network Fee and the amount you are spending to buy Shiba Inu coin from Trust Wallet using Uniswap.

If the shown information is right, click on the Send button.

Now, head back to the Trust Wallet home screen and check whether you have received Shiba Inu coins in your Trust Wallet or not.

If you don’t see Shiba Inu in your wallet, click on the icon located at the top of the screen and enable Shiba Inu from the list.

When you do so, you will be able to see Shiba Inu in the list of coins on your Trust Wallet.

How to sell Shiba Inu Coins on Trust Wallet?

If you want to sell Shiba Inu coins on Trust Wallet, you will have to follow the steps written below:

First, open Trust Wallet app on your phone.

Tap on the DApp browser icon and select Uniswap Exchange.

Select the Swap tab and enter SHIB and ETH in the first and second fields, respectively.

Once entered, enter the amount of SHIB you want to sell and click on the Confirm button.

That’s everything you need to know about how to buy and sell Shiba Inu coins in Trust Wallet.

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