Space Crypto to PHP Today’s Exchange Rate – SPG To Php Chart (2024)

SpaceCrypto is the latest NFT game that provides an opportunity to earn real money.

It has been only a week since it launched and it has become massively popular among gamers.

Unlike other NFT or play to earn games, SpaceCrypto is awesome and it features multiple modes — Boss Battle and Raid Mode.

Similar to MIR4, Axie Infinity and other play to earn games, a lot of fans want to know how much 1 USD or PHP to SpaceCrypto token?

Before we reveal the value of the SpaceCrypto token in PHP or US Dollar, let me tell you that there are two tokens in this NFT game — Space Genesis Token (SPG) and Space Energy Token (SPE).

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

What is Space Crypto?

SpaceCrypto is an NFT game that has two modes — Boss Battle and Raid Mode.

To get started with Space Crypto Meta Universe, you will have to select the Boss Battle mode.

This mode will have you as a Guardian and take your Space Ship and destroy the Boss.

Notably, there are plenty of strong bosses that you will have to defeat and destroy.

Unfortunately, if you fail to destroy the Boss within a period of time, you will have to start the game from the beginning.

Raid Mode, on the other hand, will ask you to burn $SPE to fuel your Space Ship, Fight and claim rewards in the form of $SPE.

What is SPG Space Crypto Token?

There are two tokens in SpaceCrypto but SPG is the main one.

If you don’t know what SPG tokens are used for in SpaceCrypto, check out the following points:

  • Payment in the SpaceCrypto marketplace and fusion spaceships.
  • Staking to earn reward from Treasury&DAO.
  • Players having SPG token can participate in voting to decide the Economy of SpaceCrypto.

Notably, the SPG token’s total supply is 1,000,000,000 and it can’t be obtained by simply playing SpaceCrypto.

To get SPG tokens in SpaceCrypto, you will have to buy them from an exchange like Metamask.

What is SPE Space Crypto Token?

Spece Crypto does have multiple in-game currencies and $SPE is one of them.

The best thing about $SPE is it can be earned by playing games.

Once you have obtained enough SPE tokens, you can claim and store them in your Crypto Wallet like Trust Wallet.

With the help of SPE tokens, players can also buy Fusion Ship and base in SpaceCrypto.

For those unaware, $SPE Tokens can be transferred or received by other players.

If you want to make real money by playing SpaceCrypto then you should know how much 1 SPE or SPG token in PHP or USD?

How Much Is 1 Space Crypto Token SPG Is In PHP or USD?

Notably, the value of Space Crypto tokens will keep changing every day.

When we checked out its value today, we found that the value of SPG is around ₱4.28 (Phillippine Peso) and $0.786564.

It would be not possible for us to update the price or value of the Space Crypto token in PHP or USD every day.

So, if you want to check the Space Crypto token’s current value, click on this link.

According to the information available on Coingecko, the value of SPG to PHP has been decreased by 13.6 per cent in the last 24-hour.

How Do I Buy Space Crypto Token (SPG)?

Space Crypto has a global 24-hour trading volume of around 129,496,172 Phillippine Peso.

There are a total of three markets where you can trade but the one where a lot of people are trading is PancakeSwap.

To buy an SPG token, follow the steps written below:

  • Visit the official website of PancakeSwap.
  • Unlock your Binance Smart Chain wallet by clicking on a button that says ‘Connect Wallet’.
  • Once you have successfully connected your Wallet, select the desired token from the dropdown menu in the Form section.
  • The default setting is BNB.
Space Crypto to PHP
  • Select the token you want to trade in the To section. Make sure it is SPG.
  • Now, head back to the Exchange window and click on the Settings icon and set 3 as your Slippage Tolerance.
Space Crypto to PHP
  • Now, enter the amount of SPG that you want to buy and then click on the ‘Swap’ button.
  • Click on the ‘Confirm Swap’ to proceed.
  • That’s it.


1. What is Crypto Space?

Ans: Space Crypto is an NFT game built on two platforms — Binance Smart Chain and Soana.

This game has you playing as a Space Guardians with a mission to defeat all Bosses coming your way to earn SPE tokens.

2. How to buy Crypto Space Tokens?

Ans: To buy Crypto Space Tokens, you will have to visit PancakeSwap and connect your Wallet. Once connected, select BNB and SPG in From and To section and then enter the amount of SPG you want to purchase.

Once selected, click on the Swap button and confirm the action. That’s it.

3. How much is 1 SPG Token in PHP?

Ans: The value of 1 SPG token in PHP is ₱43.67. Make sure to click on the above-mentioned link to check out the current value of the Crypto Space token.

4. How much is 1 SPG Token USD?

Ans: The value of 1 SPG token in PHP is $0.786564. Make sure to click on the above-mentioned link to check out the current value of the Crypto Space token.

5. What is the contract address of Space Crypto?

Ans: The contract address of Space Crypto is — Space Crypto’s smart contract address is 0x0ecaf010fc192e2d5cbeb4dfb1fee20fbd733aa1.

That’s everything you need to know about Space Crypto.

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