Stepn Level Up Cost (2024)

Stepn is one of the most talked-about Web3 Lifestyle applications that allows users to earn GST by Walking, Jogging Running Outdoor.

There are a total of 30 levels in Steps and to reach its maximum level, you will need to spend hundreds of GST and GMT.

Once you earn enough GST, you can use it to level up your Stepn level and earn new Sneakers.

To speed up the GST earning process, you will need to level up your Stepn level, which will cost you GST and GMT.

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There are tons of users who want to increase their Stepn level but they don’t know how much Stepn level up costs.

If you are looking for Stepn level-up cost chart, look no further as we have got you covered.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Stepn Level

As mentioned above, the maximum Stepn Sneaker level is 30.

If you want to reach the Stepn Maximum level, you will have to burn hundreds of GST and GMT.

Each level takes a certain amount of time and GST or GMT to get completed.

To level up your Sneaker on Stepn, you will need to keep the following factors in your mind:

  • Sneaker Class (Walker, Jogger, Runner, Trainer)
  • Sneaker Quality (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic)
  • Sneaker Base Points (Efficiency, Resilience)
  • Distribution of Gained Points on Each Level (4 additional points per level)
  • Energy Consumption Factors (Optimal Speed, GPS Signal, Randomness, etc.)
  • GST/GMT Ratio Conversion Rate (Levels 5, 10, 20, 29, and 30)

If you purchased a level zero Sneaker and want to reach the maximum level of Stepn, you will need to wait for around 16-days to reach the maximum level (30).

The reason why it takes 61 days to reach Stepn’s maximum level is as soon as you complete 24-level, the level-up process starts taking more than 24-hour to complete a new level.

According to the estimation given on Medium, the last 6 level takes almost 20 days to complete.

When your Sneaker reaches the 28th level, you will have to burn both GST and GMT to reach the 29th and 30th levels.

Once you reach Stepn level 30th, you will get an option to burn GST, GMT and NFT to customize your Sneakers.

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Stepn Level Up Cost

If you take a look at the below Stepn level-up cost chart, you will get to know how much a level costs and how many days it takes to reach its maximum level.

LevelStepn Level Cost In GST/GMTDaily GST CapLevelling Time (Days)Function Unlocked
0 → 11 GST5 1
1 → 22 GST102
2 → 33 GST153
3 → 44 GST204
4 → 510GST+10GMT255 and 6Open Socket 1
Mint feasible
5 → 66 GST 307
6 → 77 GST 358
7 → 88 GST409
8 → 99 GST4510
9 → 1030GST+30GMT5011 to 15Open Socket 2
Available Rending(not implemented)
10 → 1111 GST6016
11 → 1212 GST7017 and 18
12 →1313 GST8019
13 → 1414 GST9020
14 → 1515 GST10021Open Socket 3
15 → 1616 GST11022 and 23
16 → 1717 GST12024
17 → 1818 GST13025 and 26
18 → 1919 GST14027
19 → 2060GST+60GMT15028 to 34Open Socket 4
20 → 2121 GST16035
21 → 2222 GST17036 and 37
22 → 2323 GST18038 and 39
23 → 2424 GST19040
24 → 2525 GST21041 and 42
25 → 2626 GST23043 and 44
26 → 2727 GST25045
27 → 2828 GST27046 and 47
28 → 2929GST+29GMT—-48 to 50
29 → 30100GST+100GMT—-51 to 59GMT earning mode

How Do I Level Up Sneakers In Stepn?

The process of levelling up Sneakers in Stepn is pretty simple.

However, if you don’t know the procedure then follow the steps written below:

First, launch the Stepn application and select the Sneaker.

Once selected, click on the Level up option, which can be found in the bottom left corner of the screen.

When you click on it, a prompt will appear on the screen showcasing the time and cost required to level up the Sneaker.

To level up your Sneaker, you simply need to click on the Confirm button.

When you do so, the level of your Sneaker will be increased.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How much does it cost to level on Stepn?

Ans: The amount of GST or GMT required to level Sneakers on Stepn is different depending on the level.

If you level up Sneaker from 0 to 1, you will need to burn only 1 GST but if you level up from 28 to 29, you will have to burn 28 GST and 29GMT.

Q2. How much are Stepn Sneakers?

Ans: The cost of mining one Stepn NFT is around 600 USD, which is indeed not cheap for all.

Q3. How much can you earn with Stepn App?

Ans: If you have a basic set of NFT Sneaker Walker, you are most likely to earn 5 GST on Stepn app for every 1 Energy.

If you are at the most basic level, you are likely to earn around $5 for every walk or run that you do on the Stepn app.

That’s everything you need to know about the Steps level-up cost.

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