How to Withdraw & Sell Terk Token On Trust Wallet (2024)

Want to withdraw Terk on Trust Wallet?

Well, we have a step-by-step guide teaching the same in the simplest way possible.

For those unaware, Terkehh aka Terk is Token, which became tradable on January 2, 2022.

Terk is currently being traded at $0.064275 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $426,372 USD.

You can change the current or live Terk Price on Coinmarketcap.

It has been only a month since it became tradable but Terk has already been made available on popular Cryptocurrency exchanges like PancakeSwap, Trust Wallet and others.

Unlike other Cryptocurrencies, Terk can’t be purchased with fiat money.

To buy Terk, you will have to buy Bitcoin using any fiat-to-crypto currency exchange first and then transfer it to an exchange platform where Cryptocurrency is traded.

This post will teach you how to swap Terk Token to BNB on PancakeSwap and then convert the swapped BNB to Stable Coin BUSD.

Once you have successfully converted BNB into Stable Coin, you will be able to withdraw or sell fiat currency on Trust Wallet.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Selling Terk Token on Trust Wallet

To sell Terk Token on Trust Wallet, you will have to log into the Trust Wallet first.

We assume that you have enough Terk Tokens to get the Swapping done.

Withdraw Terk On Trust Wallet

Once Trust Wallet is launched, go to the DApp browser section and search for the PancakeSwap.

If you don’t know how to enable the DApp browser on Trust Wallet, click on the link.

Selecting PancakeSwap will take you to a webpage where you will have to tap on an icon located next to three dots.

Withdraw Terk On Trust Wallet

When you tap on it, a bunch of options will appear.

Make sure to select Smart Chain if you have not already.

Withdraw Terk On Trust Wallet

Now, you will have BNB and CAKE as the default options. Now, tap on the downward arrow to change their positions.

Withdraw Terk On Trust Wallet

When CAKE comes at BNB place, tap on it and select the Token that you want to Swap.

If you are unable to see Terk Tioken there, enter its Contract Address —0x53035E4e14fb3f82C02357B35d5cC0C5b53928B4

When you do so, you will have Terk added to PancakeSwap.

Once added, enter the amount of Terk token you want to Swap and check the exchange amount of Crypto which you are swapping Terk.

As soon as you enter the amount of Terk, you will be shown the exchange of BNB in the BNB option.

Withdraw Terk On Trust Wallet

Now, tap on the Swap button and confirm it by clicking on the Confirm Swap button.

Once done, wait until the Swapped amount is deposited.

Once you have successfully swapped Terk with BNB, you will be able to sell it on Trust Wallet.

To withdraw BNB from Trust Wallet, you will have to convert it into a Stable Coin, BUSD first.

To do so, go to the Dex option and select BNB to convert it into BUSD.

Once you have successfully converted BNB into BUSD, you will have to click on the Send option to Withdraw.

Doing this will show you a pop-up message asking you to fill in the “Recipient’s address” or scan a QR code.

Once done, head to the Binance account and select BUSD as your deposit currency by clicking on the Deposit button.

Make sure you are in the “Correct Network” on the “Exchange” and copy the “Binance receive/deposit address”.

Once copied, head back to Trust Wallet and paste the address at “Recipient’s Address” and Proceed.

When you do so, you will have the selected BUSD deposited to the “Binance Centralized Exchange Wallet”.

Once it is successfully transferred to your Binance account, open your Binance account and click on the “Withdrawal Fiat”.

Now, you will be asked to select the fiat currency wherein you want BNB to be withdrawn.

Enter the amount of BUSD you want to withdraw and provide bank details.

Once provided, you will see a beneficiary section, where you have to click on the ‘Add New Card’.

Once you have successfully added a new card, the amount will be deposited into your bank account.

That’s everything you need to know about how to withdraw Terk From Trust Wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How much time does it take to swap Terk with BNB?

Ans: The process of swapping Terk with BNB is very simple and short.

It usually takes a couple of minutes to get the swapping done but sometimes it could take up to hours.

Q2. Why can’t I swap TERK with BNB?

Ans: A lot of users are having trouble swapping Terk with BNB and if that’s you then make sure to decrease the amount of Terk.

Once you have successfully decreased the amount of Terk that you want to Swap, tap on the Swap button with BNB again.

If you continue to encounter the can’t swap Terk with a BNB error, it means the liquidity of the token is yet to be unlocked.

In that case, you have no option but to wait for a while and then repeat the same process.

Notably, you would not be able to complete the swapping procedure until the liquidity of the token is unlocked.

Q3. Is Terk listed on Binance?

Ans: Yes, Terk is listed on Binance.

According to Binance’s official site, the live price of Terk $0.0461791 per (TERK / USD) today with a current market cap of $ 0 USD.

The 24-hour trading volume is $ 41,728.54 USD.

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