Best Alternatives To Wood Burners (February 2024)

Are you looking for the best alternatives to Wood Burners?

If your answer is YES then you have landed at the perfect place.

All Wood Burner alternatives that we have mentioned below will turn your room toasty in a few minutes.

There is no denying that Wood Burning stoves are the best thing to keep our room warm but it is not the best option for everyone living in the United Kingdom.

According to reports, there are more than 1 million households in the UK, that own a Wood Burning stove.

Since Wood Burning stove is neither environment nor budget-friendly, a lot of UK citizens are considering buying its alternatives.

With that in mind, we have come up with a bunch of alternatives of Wood Burners that will turn your room from chilly to toasty.

Best Woodburning Stove Alternatives (2024)

Wood Burner Alternatives

Regardless of the reason, if you don’t want to use Wood Burners and looking for its best alternatives then you are at the right place.

We have divided Wood Burner alternatives into three different categories — Electric, Gas and Bioethanol.

Electric Fire

Wood Burner Alternatives

Instead of using the Wood Burning stove to keep your room comfortably warm, I advise you to use Electric Fire.

The best thing about Electric Fire is that it does not need a chimney or daily maintenance. As compared to a wood-burning stove, it is very cheap.

Before you skip reading this post and buy Electric Fire, let me tell you that it does not produce real flames.

If you are looking for a winter warmer then Electric Fire is not going to give to warm as gas or wood-burning stoves because the majority of electric fires are limited to only 2kW or less.

Gas Fire

Wood Burner Alternatives

If you are looking for an alternative to Wood Burner but would not compromise the comfort it provides, Gas Fire is the best option.

What makes Gas Fire the best wood burning stove alternative in the UK is that it provides the same toasty environment and flames and is available in numerous styles to suit your home.

The best thing about Gas Fire is that it does not need you to clean up every day.

If you buy its top model, you will be able to control it from the comfort of your sofa through the remote.

Unlike wood-burning stoves, Gas Fire might not require a chimney to install but you have to have ventilation.

To install a Gas Fire in your home, you will have to call a Gas Safe registered engineer in order to comply with regulations.

Bioethanol Fire

Wood Burner Alternatives

When it comes to using wood burning stove alternatives, the majority of UK citizens prefer to use Bioethanol Fire.

The reason why Bioethanol Fire has become quite famous in the UK is that it is produced from crops like sugarcane, hemp and corn and provides the same feeling as a wood burner.

Similar to Gas and Electric, Bioethanol Fire does not require Chimney to install and its average burning time is around 7 hours.

If you buy its top mode, you will be able to control it via remote, mobile and tablet from the comfort of your sofa.

There is no denying that Bioethanol is easy to install, does not require a chimney and can be controlled via remote or phone, but it can’t give you the toasty environment that a wood-burning stove provides.

These were some wood burner alternatives that you can use in 2022.

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